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Friday, September 17, 2021

Security Info
The web site you are about to login is secured using Secure Socket Layers (SSL), and 128-bit encryption.
Your browser has to be able to support SSL in order to successfully access the web site.
Recommended browsers: Internet Explorer 5.5 , or Netscape 7.1 (or later versions of those browsers)

Login Info
Click on the "Login" button on this screen to login to the secure site.
Note: When you login to the web site, you will get a warning dialog similar to this:
This is normal. Click on the "Yes" button to proceed.

You will then be presented with a dialog similar to his:
login dialog
Fill in your username and password that were provided to you by Tekscan,

Proper credential submittal will grant access to the site.

Site Navigation:
Once successfully logged-on, you will be able to interact with a UI similar to the following picture
(annotated to indicate major UI elements):
login dialog

Navigation Tabs:
» "Common Download Area" This is the initial (default) view. Listings of files that are available to all users are displayed here.
» "My Downloads" Clicking the on the "My Downloads" tab will present you with a list of files that are available specifically to you.
» Other... Depending on the privileges that have been granted to you, other "navigation tabs" might be available and visible to you.

To download a file:
Click anywhere in the row containing the file name (row is highlighted as you hover over it).